About Us
Wheeler Homes is a construction company, based in Idaho, that builds quality tiny homes on wheels which are classified as travel trailers (RV’s). We are currently building projects here in Idaho but also delivery to any continental state. We began out of a pure and absolute love of everything the "tiny home" movement stands for. tiny homes are about Downsizing, sustainability, innovation, a way of living large in a small space, and a way to just live more simply.
Shaun Wheeler is the owner and operator of Wheeler Homes.  At the age of 28, Shaun decided he wanted more from his career and embarked on a path that lead him back to school.  After Shaun graduated from Boise State University with a BA in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Sustainability, and armed with a sharpened worldview and new education at his disposal, he was eager to pursue a career that would allow him to engage his understanding of Earth’s natural systems and sustainable management. Luckily,  starting at the age of 14 Shaun was learning the family craft. Carpentry. Shaun's father was a master carpenter who believed in perfection and customer satisfaction. Shaun realized that even with this new amazing education he still loved carpentry but now it could be so much more by building "tiny". Shaun believes in living simply. He wants to help you do the same and build you the tiny home of your dreams.